We love pubs because we love people, we like to give them a good time and make them happy. Happy people live in a happy world and that’s why we take our responsibilities to the community and to the planet extremely seriously.

Our Commitment

We are aware that our pubs consume significant energy and our kitchens and bars generate waste through packaging. We are taking decisive steps to minimize our carbon footprint. These include reducing wastage, increasing recycling, and enhancing our energy efficiency. All our electricity and gas now come from renewable sources or are fully offset through recognized and certified carbon offset programs. By partnering with ethical supply chains, minimizing non-recyclable waste, and adopting best practices, we are not only committed to reducing our carbon footprint substantially by the start of 2024 but also confident in our mission to transform into a carbon-neutral pub company.

Working with like minded businesses

We want to run a business that we’re proud of; helping to improve the world we live in, for our customers, the environment, and ourselves.

We are proud to work with a number of suppliers who share our commitment to help make the world a better place.

All of our washroom waste is managed by Greenworks solutions, they recycle it and use it in energy production.

1st Waste manages all of our business waste, they are committed to lean recycling, waste minimisation and innovative waste recovery solutions. 1st Waste is also a member of the verified carbon standard group working with businesses to reduce their carbon footprint.

To find out more about the suppliers we work with, click on the individual logo.